Foods and materials strongly weaken human memory

At a time when experts point to the positive effect of eating fish, berries and coffee in order to conserve and strengthen memory, we find other foods or ingredients that are on the contrary and with disturbing images.
These are the elements that we now refer to in these lines, to reduce the proportions gained, or to be exposed, so as not to weaken memory quickly and over time.

Industrial sugar

So far, many believe that the intake of artificial sugar would give those who eat the desired local taste, without any frightening side effects, while recent studies suggest quite the opposite, confirming that those sugars severely harm memory and stimulate the desire to eat other sweeteners, which causes weight gain.

Regular sugar

The strangest thing is that even regular sugar can negatively affect the memory of the human being, according to scientific studies that have shown that the excessive intake of sugars, for a period of one week, can expose memory to crises that cannot be avoided later, so the importance of eating healthy food since childhood regularly, until Avoid those risks in old age.

industrial Food Materials

While the chemical elements spread by food additives are varied, to modify their qualities or to give them a distinctive taste, medical research suggests that such substances may sometimes cause complete memory loss, with their accumulation in a way that is difficult for the body to understand, and it is advisable to minimize their intake. To a certain degree.


It is not possible to reduce the benefits of multiple soy, but this should not make us ignore the damage that may be inflicted on health if it is exaggerated, which comes in the forefront of the incidence of common Alzheimer’s disease, and other mental illnesses as well.


Pesticides are also working to get rid of annoying insects and rodents, these dangerous substances can also harm the human being, and very worrying, according to a scientific study, which suggested the possibility of destroying the vital photographers in the body, responsible for the energy and activity in the inside and the province On memory, on the hands of those insecticides, with their frequent exposure.

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