Foods that take too long to expires

Long shelf life is a great advantage for some foods that match the taste and aroma of a food product, so we show you a few foods that do not expire and can sometimes be stored for several years without worry.

White rice

The researchers point out that storing white rice in sealed containers, at temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees, can maintain its validity for long periods of time, sometimes up to about 30 years.


Some describe honey as the only food that can last for long. The nectar in roses mixes with the enzymes of the bees that produce it, which eventually creates a low-moisture liquid that can last for hundreds of years without spoiling.


It is not strange that this sodium chloride food, which has been used for hundreds of years to preserve other foods, has been able to withstand for many years without expiring.

Saline works to protect meals from moisture, and then prolong its life, and age as well.


While kept away from moisture, sugar can last for years and years without change. Bacteria can not be formed, so chances of being exposed to corruption are almost impossible.

Dried beans

Scientific studies at the University of Brigham have confirmed that the retention of dried beans for decades has not adversely affected them, the same studies that indicated the ability of white rice to cope with long storage periods before.

Corn flour

The same applies to cornmeal, while keeping it in a well closed, cool place, it can maintain its validity for as long as possible, without any problems.


The shelf life of soybeans varies, depending on the type and additives. But in any case, the tight closure of the package containing it is considered sufficient to maintain its validity for very long years, and it can be kept, if used, inside the refrigerator to ensure its long survival.

Milk powder

Milk powder has far more survival chances than other types of milk, which is easier to store.
So its use rates are high, although its taste is relatively poor.

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