For the first time in 100 years… the black Cheetah caught in camera in Africa

The British wildlife photographer, will borard Lucas, was able to take pictures that are rare for a unique black cheetah.

The British photographer managed to take pictures in Kenya late at night, when the Cheetah toured with another cheetah on the Kenyan plains.

According to the Daily Mail, these images are the first of its kind for the animal 100 years ago.

The British photographer, who did not hide his dream of taking pictures of this type of Panthers, travelled to Kenya after receiving information about the presence of the cheetah in that area.

The photographer begins to erect his traps from the cameras in a variety of places where the tiger was spotted, where he was surprised to find a number of images of the darkness.

This type of Panthers is believed to live in dense forests, where their dark color helps them hide from the eyes of their enemies.

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