Ford unveils all-new escape 2020

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Ford unveiled the new generation of Escape’s best-selling SUV, with a new design and hybrid technology.
With the all-new Escape 2020 Ford offers all that is unique and exceptional to make the experience of owning and driving a small SUV the best, Ford offers a new distinctive design that takes advantage of existing spaces and includes modern techniques that other companies overlook. “The All-new escape 2020 offers an elegant and sporty design with the ability to meet you in any of your life’s adventures,” says Kumar Galhotra, president of Ford.

The new Ford Escape was designed as a coincidence in its general form but wanted to add some mathematical details and borrowed the sport grille from Mustang, and took the design of the clash and the front air dispersion of the Ford GT, and in its new generation The escape is longer, wider and less high than the last generation.

Escape has a sloping roof that ends with an improved rear fa├žade that allows easier access to the rear door and the luggage box, and in general the vehicle’s dynamism has improved to be the best escape ever, and also lighter than 90 kg of weight, where the car has benefited from heavy use of high light iron. The hardness.

The most important improvements for the new to Cape are under the hood where the company will provide a wide choice of engines aimed at delivering a satisfactory and economical performance that pushes the car to the farthest extent before the need for refueling, and in this regard we can say that Ford has succeeded because escape with the engines of the ecpost cut the distance Up to 640 km. The car is available with a 1.5l 180 hp engine that enables the car to drag 900 kg and provides cylinders immobilizer technology to save fuel, it happens quickly and the Salander can be activated at the same speed when needed and does not take more than 14 ml-sec. There is also a 2.0-liter engine that produces 250 horsepower and the car can drag 1,590 kg and this provides an acceleration of 0-96 km/s 10% better than the last generation.

It seems that Ford was keen on developing hybrid car engines now available with two options of hybrid engines offering a range of 885 km of hybrid power and more than 48 km of electric power which can individually reach the speed of 135 km/s. The hybrid engines include a 2.5-liter engine and an electric CVT transmission that produces Hybrid system power 198 hp. Hybrid engines can be driven by four driving modes: Auto ev, Ev Now, Ev Later and EV Charge. The vehicle carries a liquid cooling system for lithium-ion batteries.

The new Ford Escape will feature high usability with the provision of a second folding row seat to provide a total of 1,060-liter space for 4 sets of golf games. The car, though lower than the last generation, provides a better space for the head, shoulders and feet.

Technically, escape 2020 is the smartest escape by providing the Ford Fordpass Connect system, which provides a standard-mounted connection point and a Co-Pilot360 system that provides an adaptive cruise system, a fire extinguishing system, automatic engine operation, track maintenance and other driver assistance systems, including The car is a self-parking system in longitudinal or transverse positions. Ford will also provide a standard 8-inch screen and an optional 12.3-inch display with a luxurious 575-watt audio system and 10 speakers from Bang & Olufsen.

Escape is the second best selling Ford ever, the company has sold tens of thousands of them since its launch in 2001, and between 2004 and 2012, the company sold more than 114,000 hybrid versions, and most of those cars are still on the road today.

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