Fortnite allocates prizes to players for a total of $100 million during 2019

Epic Company has set aside a total of $100 million in prizes for contestants in its annual session of the Fortnite game or what you call Fortnite World Cup, where this survival game is one of the most popular worldwide and has a wide presence around the world scattered.

The competition begins with the qualifying stages of the players with ten weekly opening matches from April 13 to June 16, where the game allocates $1 million weekly prize to the winners, while the top 100 solo players (solo) will be selected to participate in the finals of the Fortnite Cup plus the top 50 of the Playmates Duo (duet), where final competitions are held in New York from the date of June 26-28.

The combined prize for the final level players will be $30 million, of which each player will receive a minimum of $50,000, while the first tier will receive $3 million.

With the knowledge that Fortnite last year achieved only $500 million of IOS devices and it achieves income from 300 to 400 million dollars per month on various games platforms, it seems that the amount of $100 million of prizes does not mean much to the company in the context of growing numbers of entrants.

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