Free app spying on smart home appliances

A team of researchers at Princeton ‘s American University designed a new application that allows spying on smart home appliances.

The new app, known as “Internet stuff Inspector ” IoT “, aims to help the app’s employees make sure that their smart devices are at home to share their data with third parties.

The researchers explained that the application does not require special hardware or complex setup, so it seems easier than other tools such as “Wireshark”.

The research team intends to study the risks of privacy, security, and network performance risks for Internet devices, depending on the location of the site “Twash “.

The application is designed to prevent the tracking of PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and the work of the application requires a system “Firefox ” or “chrome ” to work.

The application is currently available for free online, for the system “Mac OS “, with a queue for the “Windows ” and “Linux ” systems.

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