Fruit and vegetables carry many benefits in their peel

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Some studies have pointed to the great benefits of fruit and vegetable peels, due to their permanent exposure to sunlight, which is gained by some natural chromosomes beneficial to the body, or because they contain a large percentage of vitamins that gain high nutritional properties.

According to the website “berkeleywellness”, healthy naturally produced dyes are often produced in fruit or vegetable crusts, which can be a concentrated source of phytochemicals beneficial to the body.

In addition, most of these peels contain high antioxidants, which make them very useful for enhancing body resistance and aesthetic health, in addition to many diverse benefits.

Several health-related sites, including “healthline”, and “businessinsider” have published numerous benefits for the crusts of some fruits and vegetables that can provide solutions to some problems, the most important of which are:

Vegetable peels
The nest of vegetables offers high nutritional benefits in their external shell on the one hand and aesthetic benefits on the other, but most of the time they are destined for garbage:

Eggplant peel
Some studies have indicated that eggplant peels contain the substances of people and anthiocynin, which contributes to protecting the membranes of brain cells from damage caused by harmful free radicals, and also people transport nutrients into cells and excrete waste from within them, while antheosine contributes to the prevention of inflammation of neurons and facilitates blood flow to the brain, thus contributing to the prevention of memory loss and diseases associated with age.

onions Peel
Onions are rich in kercitine and poly-phenol flavonol, which play a major role in fighting infections and contribute to promoting heart health, regulating blood circulation, treating low blood pressure, and many cut it and add a small percentage of it to certain foods, such as soup.

cucumber Peel
The option contains alkaline substances and fibres that address intestinal problems, kidney stones, and indigestion, water forms 95% of its components so it is an important supply of water to the body, as is considered the best natural material used in beauty where eliminates the pigmentation of the skin and reduces the dark circles under the eye, and contains cucumber and peel vitamin C, sulphur and silicon and these elements are very useful for the skin, and reduces the broad face.

Fruit peels
Some fruit crusts are rich in natural chromosomes, which studies confirm their usefulness unlike artificial chromosomes, in addition to containing a high percentage of nutrients, the most important of which are:

Watermelon peel
Watermelon peel is a fibre rich in “citrolin”, an amino acid found in the white part directly under the green part of the melon peel, and contributes to the health of the heart and circulation, and many families neglect this part during the cutting of watermelons, but some communities add chopped watermelon peels with some meals and cook it, or add some juices after grinding.

Banana peel
Banana peels contain a high percentage of antioxidants, in addition to the substance “tryptophan”, which helps to promote the hormone happiness (serotonin), in addition to amino acids, which contributes to improving mood and reducing depression, fighting wrinkles, soothing pain and treating psoriasis, and can be used by boiling and eating peels, and is considered a dish of fried banana peels is a common dish in many societies.

Lemon peel
Lemon peels contain a high percentage of vitamin “C”, minerals and vitamins such as zinc, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, thiamine and folic acid, which can play a major role in boosting immunity, it also lowers cholesterol levels in the body, plays a role in the fight against cancer according to some studies, spraying crusts and adding to certain meals or placed with tea and coffee.

Kiwi peel
Kiwi fruit husks are often eliminated because they contain a lint that resembles small thorns, but the bulk of vitamin C is concentrated in kiwi husks and not at the fruit’s top, and the crusts play a big role in fighting the bacteria in the stomach, and some communities wash the crusts well and remove the lint layer and then cut it whole or add it to the juices.

Mango peel
Mango peels play a key role in the fat burning process, and contain large amounts of carotenolins, polyphenols, omega-3 and omega-6, which are high antioxidants and play a role in enhancing the body’s immunity and fighting certain diseases such as cancer and promoting heart health, so many eat this fruit without peeling it

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