Funky genius uses for ketchup sauce

The appearance of ketchup sauce began in Malaysia, moving in the 17th century to the Great British kingdom, and to all the countries of the world.

The ketchup sauce is made of fresh tomatoes and added to the vinegar, sugar and black pepper, which is very popular on the tables in all countries, serving as a GMOs sauce beside many cuisines, but the other uses other than the addition of delicious flavor of food, to you these genius uses:

Car Polishing

The ketchup polishes the deformities and scratches on the body of the car, as it repairs the metal alloys and gives them shine, but it is important first to clean the car from dust and dirt normally, then polishing with ketchup afterwards to get a dazzling result.

Calming wounds

Of course, ketchup should not be placed above the wounds, but the small ketchup bags that children love so much are the best way to persuade children to put ice on the wound to soothe it, so it is useful to put some of these bags in the freezer to get them easily if a child is injured.

Copper and silver Polishing

The ketchup contains acetic acid by 4 percent, and it is highly viscous, so it is perfect for cleaning and polishing the brass and silver ornaments, glitters and cleans spectacularly so that the piece looks like new, plus it is cheap compared to copper polishes, and is also environmentally friendly.

Reduce the effect of chlorine on hair after swimming

Swimmers have a negative effect on the chlorine in the swimming pools as they feel, especially those with light hair color, but the solution in ketchup, it neutralizes the effect of chlorine, all you have to do is to wash the hair in the usual way after swimming, then put ketchup sauce on it and leave it 5 minutes, and then wash the hair again.

Children’s colors industry

Children love ketchup A lot, for its great taste and attractive color, the best way to teach the child and activate his creative abilities is drawing with bottles of plastic ketchup, but of course will not be filled with ketchup sauce, but with attractive home-made colors, these colors are made very easily, only mixes water with salt and flour, then add the color of red food to take the same color as ketchup sauce, and put the mixture in the bottle of ketchup to paint the baby whatever it wants.

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