“Galaxy Fold” | Samsung announces first-of-its-kind folding phone (Photo-video)

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“Samsung Electronics” announced on Wednesday that it will launch in April April a folding smartphone with Facebook and BlackBerry apps specifically designed for the new phone.

Samsung officials said that the Galaxy van will have a price of US $1980 when it is put on sale on April 26, and the display will reach the new phone 4.6 inches when folded and up to 7.3 inches when it is stretched, according to the agency “Reuters “.

Samsung said it works with Facebook and Microsoft to find special versions of their famous apps fit the display in their new phone.

Galaxy Fold Specifications:-

6.4″ to 7.9″ Screen
Green, black, blue
Customize hinge color
App Continuity
7nm processor
12GBs of RAM
2 batteries
3 cameras on back, 2 inside, 1 on front
Side fingerprint scanner
3 app multitasking
5G or LTE

The new Samsung device, the largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world, has been helping to rival competitors such as Apple and Chinese
Huawei .

It comes at a price of $1,980 starting on April 26, almost two months from now.

Samsung said it has developed new manufacturing processes for the telephone joint and flexible display to allow it to be opened and closed hundreds of thousands of times.

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