George Clooney return to television drama after a 20-year absence

20 years after the legacy of the medical drama series “A. r “, American actor George Clooney returns to the small screen this month, with a work adapted from Joseph Heller’s novel “Catch-22”, a novel that tells Clooney that its complex events are valid for a 6-part series.

The Oscar winner, who is famous for films such as “Syriana”, “Graffiti ” and “The Elements min “, is also the implementing product and has taken out two episodes of the series, which is broadcast by the network “Hulu “, according to Reuters.

The events of the series during World War II revolved around a member of the commander of a squadron of American bombers fighting against senior military officials.
“I thought it was a fun way to tell this story,” Clooney said at the premiere of the series in Los Angeles on Tuesday evening. It is difficult to tell this story in all its complexities as it is in a two-hour film. “

“It’s not about the way, although TV and broadcast networks are becoming more interesting and more enjoyable, but it’s about telling the story,” he said. It’s about telling a good story.

Heller’s novel, written in 1961, formerly transformed into a 1970 film, revolves around the officer with the Yosarian Air Force, who was angered by the army’s continued increase in the number of tasks it must perform in order to terminate its service.

Actor Christopher Abbott plays the role of Usarian while Kyle Chandler plays the role of lead as the role of training leader Chiskov.

During the premiere, Clooney also spoke about his ex-actress, Megan Markal, who married Prince Harry, the grandson of Britain’s Queen last year, and gave birth to their first child on Monday.

Clooney, who attended the couple’s wedding last year, had previously criticized the media for harassing Megan, saying that their son’s birth would lead to further prosecution of their media.

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