Germany wins Organization of the European Cup of Nations EURO 2024

The European Football Confederation (UEFA) has announced the choice of Germany to host the European Championship 2024 after beating the Turkish side in a vote on Thursday at the UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland.

The European Union (EU) executive committee announced on Thursday that Germany has won the European Cup of Nations (EURO) 2024, which is contested by Germany and Turkey.

The European Championship EURO 2024 has 24 teams divided into 6 groups, with the first and second of each group, as well as the top four in the group, in the Round of 16.

Turkey has already advanced four times to host the tournament, but lost the race and enters the fifth time and does not have the advantage also in front of the giant German file.

In contrast, the German file was largely based on the infrastructure in which the World Cup was successfully organized. Germany’s sports officials have a long history of organizing major football competitions such as the 1974 World Cup and Euro 1988, and will host some Euro 2020 matches.

Germany outperforms Turkey in the total capacity of the 10 stadiums, even if Istanbul’s Ataturk Stadium, with a capacity of 92,000 seats, is to be the second-largest stadium in Europe. However, UEFA said German authorities had canceled the tax exemption, which would affect revenues.

The report of the evaluation committee in Uyueva has several reservations on some points in the Turkish file, including regarding hotels and transfers, and Turkey needs to rebuild 3 of the 10 stadiums listed in the file.

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