Google add songs voice recognition to it’s search engine

The artificial intelligence technologies that Google develops every day and integrates with its voice or search engine are many and very useful. Therefore, the company is still the first company in this field and in spite of the vast number of competitors. The latest advantage depends on the artificial intelligence provided by the company.

how you can search for song or music throw google?

The feature works very easily. When you play a song or clip and try to get a name or a link to it, all you have to do is run Google Voice Search, and then after 8-10 seconds of listening and selecting “What song?” The search will give you the name and link.

Google has added Now Playing to a pixel 2 phone in 2017 to recognize the sound but for a limited number of them, but now with the updated voice search, any user can enjoy the feature with ease.

It can be said that this feature will provide one way or another for users to abandon Shazam’s song recognition application purchased by Apple at the end of 2017.

Although the company talked that it is still in its beginning and needs to work and development, but it is okay, this is Google and for it to be at the beginning it means something big anyway compared to different companies.

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