Google adds a new feature to Remote Desktop control through its Chrome browser

Maybe someone needs to solve a problem on his computer but he does not know the proper way, but there is a friend or assistant who can solve the problem and is not easily accessible, this command needs a way of remote control is certainly a feature available on specific programs and applications on computers, but currently Google has entered the line via M Chrome is browsed to allow Remote Desktop control on any device that supports your browser.

The new addition is named after Chrome Remote desktop, and it is clear that it is activating an option to allow someone to see the desktop or the interface of the device and perform various operations remotely and without having to be in place.

The company has been offering via chrome this feature to the desktop by downloading additions from both parties and activating them, but currently no need for it all because the options can be easily activated or can visit this site and activate the property without having to install anything, which means that chrome users on computers, hardware And vivid, smartphones can do it with ease.

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