Google confirms that night mode helps the battery live longer

Some may agree that the night mode of applications helps reduce the lighting of screens and thus reduce the battery consumed, but Google has confirmed that the night mode used in the applications currently makes the battery last much longer than before and contributes to the rapid loss of battery.

As the company published at the developers Conference of the Android system, the full black-light battery consumption does not exceed 20% of the power consumption when using the entire white.

This means that night-mode applications consume five power in normal mode.

This is due to the fact that the colors increase the energy consumption on the screen with each degree, as the number of illuminated pixels increases as the color becomes light, which increases the energy consumption.

And the strange thing is Google itself, while you are well aware of this, the design of its applications always holds the white color basically, which makes the energy consumption greater, and arguably this may change in the future especially with the release of the night mode version of the YouTube application, but the design of a full night mode The Android system is the most important.

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