Google insists on not selling facial recognition techniques for fear of misuse

Many of the company like amazon and Microsoft collaborated with government agencies in the United States to provide them with advanced facial recognition techniques, in particular the bilateral partnership between Amazon and government agencies on the Amazon Recognition Technology, which met with great opposition from Civil society on the grounds of restriction of freedoms as well as opposition from the company’s own crew.

This strong confrontation and the imminent danger of the development of techniques developed in the hands of the dishonest and the possibility of significant misuse have called for increased pressure on the technical companies to develop a robust security policy for not facing serious problems in the future, where the CEO of Yahoo Sander Bishai In an interview with Washington Post about his concerns about the ethics of industrial intelligence, adding that it must be realized that the technique being built cannot be repaired, explaining that artificial intelligence can prove to be much more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

The vice president of the company expressed its approach in this case by their commitment not to sell any of the APIs for face recognition for fear of infringing on their assigned tasks and misuse for other purposes, and this comes in conformity with the mechanism of caution in the use of this information in accordance with the values The principles of the company, he said, are in the midst of a blog published last week on the use of artificial intelligence in health clinics in Asia.

Some civil society and human rights institutions have stressed that they will always keep an eye on the company to prevent any sale of face recognition techniques that would violate the rights of civilians, noting that it has renewed its calls to Amazon and Microsoft not to provide government agencies With their advanced techniques to recognize facial features

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