Google warns US government of continued ban on Huawei

Google wants the American government to lift the ban on Huawei at least programmatically, it may seem contradictory, but this is what Google does today under the pretext of maintaining U.S. national security.

According to the latest Financial Times news reports, Google spoke with the U.S. government to convince them of the risk of Huawei creating a new operating system that may depend on Android but will be less secure than Android with the highest standards of protection.

Google says that the new system may be prone to security breakthroughs and vulnerabilities and therefore a real threat to the American user in the light of the huge number of devices that Huawei is expected to sell with the new system expected.

It is axiomatic that it is unreasonable for the American user to know the type of phone that will receive his message, especially since the new Huawei system will support the operation of Android applications as it is traded and will send and receive a lot of sensitive information without the user feel that and thus provide greater opportunities for spying China on America as you think Google this is the threat to national security in the country.

On the other hand, I expect that Google does not lose a large slice of profits coming through Huawei devices (now there are about 500 million users of Huawei phones Android) and also to lose the amount of information it controls through these devices in China and outside China so it is expected that Google will continue Fighting to persuade America not to prevent Huawei from using the Android system at least.

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