Guava leaves… Effective weapon in the face of hair loss

While hair loss is a troublesome crisis, which may not end with the use of products and chemicals, the importance of relying on guava leaves is one of the most important natural remedies for that problem, especially with the enjoyment of those delicious fruit 3 times the required percentage of the body of vitamin C, plus On the amounts of vitamin A, potassium and dietary fiber.

The benefits of guava leaves for hair health

At a time when guava leaves work to soften and shine on the hair, the importance of the leaves of this fruit is also indicated for those suffering from hair loss, where guava leaves face the crisis by increasing the density of hair and stimulating its growth, while treating the problems of Hair scalp.

The capacities of guava leaves help to solve the hair-loss crises, through their therapeutic properties, which come from these antioxidant, inflammatory and bacterial properties as well, which eventually improve the state of the scalp.

How to use
In the beginning please prepare some guava leaves, with one liter of water, as well as a strainer and a bowl, so that we put that amount of water inside the container, before placing it on the stove to the grill.
As the water is boiled, please place the guava leaves in the bowl, and let it boil for a period of 20 minutes, before resorting to the refinery, to get the liquid to be used, which we put on the scalp after cooling later, bearing in mind the need to wash the hair and let it dry, before starting the process Use the amazing guava leaf fluid.

The process of massaging the scalp, by means of guava leaf fluid, must last for at least 10 minutes, with the need to ensure that the liquid reaches all areas of the scalp and hair, especially the roots and limbs.

We also find that we can leave the fluid on the hair after massaging it for a period of two hours or more, it is also possible to roll with a regular towel, and leave it on this situation at night when going to sleep, before washing it with lukewarm water at a later time.

In the end, it is advisable to use guava leaf fluid for 3 times a week, if hair loss is observed, and please use it only two times, if you want to grow faster or a period of strength and shine.

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