hackers are able to steal deleted photos from iphone x running the last IOS version

The two experts in the field of cyber security, Richard Chow and Amat Kama, representatives of the team “folooratet” found a way to steal the deleted photos from the latest apple iphone “iphone x”.

The experts showed their attack during the “Mobile pwn2own” competition in Tokyo and received a $50,000 reward from the organizers for exposing the hack.

It is worth mentioning that in the phone system ios When you delete the image it alerts you that the image will be deleted from the cloud service on all devices, and when the user confirms this action, the image is moved to the folder “recently deleted”, where it can be restored or deleted permanently, but if The user does not do anything it is automatically be deleted after 30 days.

The experts attacked the “iphone x”, which works with the latest version of IOS 12.1, where they managed to access the folder “recently deleted” and managed to recover the deleted images.

Experts noted that the attack could be carried out via open “Wi-Fi” network in cafes or airports, and they told Apple about the hack, but so far it has not been patched.

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