Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Game Launch next Friday

Thanks to the trial version of the game awaited Harry Potter: Wizards Unite which was launched in New Zealand and Australia.
We know that the global version is very close, but there is a new topic.
With the official Twitter account announced, the official launch will begin on June 21, next Friday.

Launch Game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite creature Pokemon go next Friday
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In this context, the game developer Niantic explained that its gameplay would be available first in the States and the United Kingdom.

Therefore, it is not clear how long the game will take access to all users.

In the meantime, the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite similar to the giant Game “Pokémon Go”, where it will be among the augmented reality games “AR”.

On the subject itself, when the Pokémon Go game was launched, it took a long and unusual time to arrive in certain countries such as Japan.

So it is very expected, that the game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite The same approach, which is in turn unlikable for users.

In general, the demo version of the game is explained to us as well as its description of the pre-registration copy of what it is.

It is similar to Pokémon GO, but instead of assembling the poppers, you will spend your time searching for the foundables of “cursed items” that infect Muggle areas.

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