Health Benefits of Weight Gain

Danish scientists have confirmed that patients who are overweight and have been infected with other infections have a higher risk of survival than those who are not obese.


The results of a study by scientists from the Department of Clinical Epidemiology at the University Hospital of Aarhus, Denmark, headed by Dr. Sigrid Gribschule, were presented at the European Medical Conference on Obesity in Vienna.


Doctors examined data from more than 18,000 Danes admitted to hospital for medical analysis or emergency surgery from 2011 to 2015. They found that the chance of death of patients who were overweight was 40 percent less than normal weight.


This figure rose to 50% for those with obesity. This conclusion has maintained its fixed proportions despite the presence of other factors such as smoking.


“Obese patients with large amounts of energy may be useful in acute diseases, and obesity is associated with constant stimulation of the immune system, which is useful in acute cases of the disease,” Dr. Gribeshawl told The Independent.

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