healthy Foods in your home may be fatal !!

Many people see the risk of life as a result of leaving the house. A car might bump into you as you try to cross a road. You may be stung by a poisonous snake while you stroll through a garden. You may sink into a sea while you are on the beach.

But surely death can recognize you inside your home and very simple things you might not imagine, the delicious foods that you keep eating without even a moment’s risk. We will offer you a range of foods that it’s misuse cause of toxic And deadly substances.


It is found in most kitchens. It gives the food a good flavor. It is also added to the coffee to give it a wonderful taste, but did you know that nutmeg is one of the substances that cause hallucinations to death, and can cause dizziness, nausea and vomiting.

As science has shown that the use of two tablespoons of nutmeg powder will lead to the previous results and make it a highly toxic substance, suffice it to say that it was used to get rid of unwanted pregnancy, and was used in the fight against the plague to kill the infected so as not to transmit the disease to others .

Seeds of apricot

Some keep the seeds in their kitchen on the basis that they are a source of vitamin B17 needed by the human body, as some claim to be able to prevent cancer, but in fact it is contrary to that, these seeds contain a toxic substance converted to cyanide in the intestines, Cause poisoning and death.

So, apricots in the United States of America, in the specialty shops selling fruit, are among the few fruits Americans can buy, and bitter almonds have the same properties as apricot seeds.

Green potatoes

do you believe that? Yes, potatoes, which are one of the most delicious foods in the kitchen, may kill people, but how does that happen? Studies have shown that an adult needs to eat 900 grams of green potatoes, which are colored green on the crusts from the outside, so as to be susceptible to poisoning and rapid death, where it gets through that amount enough solanine to do so, and certainly less this amount of children so it must Do not over-offer potatoes to children.

Hot Dog

It is an American eater that is widely distributed everywhere in the United States, whether in homes or restaurants, as is the case in our Arab countries. But how can one of the most delicious and common foods such as sausage cause death, is not related to its production of toxic substances such as previous foods, Death is done in a way that is not related to quantities especially for children, since the size of the cylinder may cause suffocation of children during eating, and suffice it to know that in the United States of America dies every five days as a result of suffocation during the treatment of hot dog.

Cherry fruit

They are used in sweets and in ice cream, but it is dangerous to eat their pills directly, they produce toxic cyanide from inside the same pill, causing death through poisoning, enough to remind you that a British man in the city of Lancacher died of eating three grains of Cherry directly, so you should not eat cherry grains directly to avoid what may happen from poisoning.


Like the fruits mentioned above, apricots and cherries are toxic to apples in their seeds. In a simple way, you need to eat 18 apples a day until you die poisoned, containing enough cyanide to kill an adult so do not over-eat apples.

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