Here are the top 10 types of coffee and how to prepare it

When it comes to getting a daily dose of caffeine, the options are very numerous. Unlike the previous choices, which were limited to caffeine-free coffee or natural coffee, every coffee lover now finds himself facing the dilemma of choosing the type he wants.

We have coffee from all over the globe at our disposal, and many different ways to turn delicious cereals into a delicious beverage with many different ingredients. The options and species are very numerous; therefore, our list will include the finest and best coffee types, the most famous around the world.


Espresso is a powerful black coffee made with a special espresso machine. The ideal espresso must have a thick density, and the golden foam tends to brown on the surface. When the foam is perfect, the sugar you add must pop up for a few seconds before it drowns into the bottom of the cup.

The amount of coffee used varies according to the concentration, you want you can use 18 grams or 21 grams for a stronger flavor.

This type is the basis for a variety of coffee such as cappuccino, but coffee connoisseurs consider that any addition except sugar is a crime against this tasty drink.

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