High temperatures Record in various regions of the world this year

Meteorologists have revealed that many countries in the world have seen recently,temperatures are the highest ever, causing deaths.

In the northern city of Castelgrad, temperatures on June 29 reached 30.1 degrees Celsius, the highest ever.

In Teplice, Georgia, the temperature this week reached 40.5, while in Yerevan it reached 42 degrees, according to Standard.

The Washington Post reported that the temperature in the city of Denver, Colorado, reached the highest number ever, reaching June on June 28 to 40.6 degrees.

In Qaryat, Oman, the minimum temperature recorded on June 26 was 42.6 degrees, the highest minimum temperature recorded in the world, according to the Guinness World Records.

The high temperature in Canada, behind 54 dead by Thursday, as the temperature in Montreal to 36.6 degrees on July 2.

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