How do we deal with the sudden fire?

There is a culture to deal with the fire, and to know it is necessary to know the types of fires and the causes that cause them to erupt in a crazy way, and then be treated with the required guidelines and follow the methods of prevention and safety and to follow with the fire.
How to deal with a burning person

After a lot of accidents and explosions, on the effect of which the fire fires with great intensity, through which it can devour the green and the dry and does not differentiate between anyone, these are some instructions on how to deal with fire and fire if someone caught in front of you:

You have to ask the person on fire to lie down on the ground immediately and quietly.

Try to calm the person and make sure that he is not in a state of shock, because the trauma causes 45% of the fire deaths.

Cover the person with a clean cloth or a piece of wool, or put water on his body.

The source of the fire must be completely stopped immediately, and the burnt person removed from the place.

Be sure to breathe well and still alive, by placing the hand on the left or right side of the Adam’s apple.

Carry out the removal of minerals from the body, as well as personal belongings, after confirming that the fire did not reach it.

If the burning part is large, you should put a large piece of clean cloth to reduce the contamination, which can move to the burn.

Transfer the person to the nearest hospital for the necessary measures.
After these steps, which you have identified, you have to take good care of only lives, and do not care to save other possessions, it must be your only concern to save the soul from Doom. You should also be careful not to get caught in the fire, to keep the respiratory system, otherwise it can be compensated, but to fort yourself first, the only thing that cannot be compensated is the loss of a soul in the fire, so never try to occupy yourself by taking any items with you even if they are valuable items.
After saving lives, contact the fire brigade, then try to extinguish the fire yourself, avoiding the wrong means in the fire operation, and also beware of smoke, and do simple medical aid for the injured, and should avoid the use of elevators in the event of fire.

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