How to apply for American green card lottery “dvlottery 2020”?

A few days ago, the US Lottery, or so-called American green card lottery, has been opened for several days. In this article, we will present the registration requirements as well as the easiest way to register on dvlottery website.

US dvlottery 2020 Registration Requirements

Those who wish to win the American Lottery must observe the following conditions when registering

First: The age must be over 17 years.
Second: The applicant must have an appropriate scientific qualification.
Third: The applicant must not be sentenced to any disciplinary measures or have been charged in criminal cases.
Fourth: The applicant must have performed military service in his country.
Fifth: The accuracy of recording data must be taken into consideration.

The American green card lottery Registration

Many people are looking for a Green Card to win the opportunity to travel to America. Those who meet the conditions that we will present in this article will be able to register for the US Lottery 2020 by accessing the dvlottery website “”.

Second, to Register for DV-2020 , enter your personal data and fill the registration form then follow the instructions.

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