How to boil water in one second (video)

Today you will talk about the relationship status of the substance by atmospheric pressure and temperature, and at the end of the article you will find a unique experience that will surely surprise you.

To bring the idea closer, take an example of everyday life (not more example), when you take a bowl containing water and heat it up on the stove (here the boiling temperature of the water is 100°c in normal atmospheric pressure).

What happens if we close the container with a lid during the boiling process? When the temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius, some water molecules turn into vapor, but they will not disappear, as the lid prevents it. Here the pressure inside the container is formed roughly up to 1 atmosphere (pressure gauge unit), in addition, we must keep in mind ambient air pressure, which also equals the same pressure value within the vessel.

Therefore, total pressure within the vessel can reach 2 air lines. But if the pressure is 2 atmosphere, the boiling temperature of the water rises from 100 ° to 119.6 degrees Celsius, and if the water is so heated, the pressure will rise inside the vessel, which in turn also leads to a high boiling water, and so on.

As a result, the boiling point of water increases with pressure and vice versa. To make sure of this theory, let us have the following experience at home.

To conduct the experiment we need a syringe and some warm water. Take the syringe (without a needle) and enter some warm water, then close the syringe hole with your finger and slowly lift the piston upward.

At some point the water begins to boil in the syringe, due to a significant decrease in pressure.

We can infer from this experience that the theory that we have already mentioned is true, where the degree of boiling water depends on atmospheric pressure, and the less pressure the lower the degree of boiling free, the higher the result if it is returned within the middle of a vacuum, which will cause the water to boil directly, As in space.

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