How to deal with the oxidation of fruits

There are many vegetables and fruits that oxidize as soon as peeling or chopping, as a result of their interaction with the air, giving them a dark color is not desirable, and lose its flavor and nutritional properties. we will help you solve the problem of oxidation of fruits through some practical solutions that prevent the blackening of fruits and vegetables after cutting.

What is oxidation?
The oxidation begins once the fruit is cut and its cellular membrane is destroyed. The latter contains the phenols that are released and oxidized by the oxygen in the air. These phenols turn into compounds called quinones, which have the ability to take a dark color from the melanin (which we find on the skin and hair)

How to avoid oxidation of apples?
Once the apples are sliced ​​quickly, how can we avoid this phenomenon?
There are two basic ways to prevent blackening apples:

1- Honey: To avoid blackening apples, you should:

  • Mix two tablespoons of honey with a glass of water
  • Dissolve the honey well
  • Place the apples in this mixture for five minutes
  • So the apple is fully protected from all forms of oxidation.

2- Lemon:

Citric acid is one of the strongest antioxidants it effectively prevents the oxidation of vegetables and fruits, and its use to protect apples from blacks gives it a very fond taste, Here’s how:

  • Spoon of fresh lemon juice with a quantity of water (a glass of water)
  • Place the apples in the mixture for three to five minutes
  • Rinse and rinse the apple pieces
  • In this way the apple pieces are fully protected from oxidation.

How to avoid bananas?

The best way to protect bananas from lions is to immerse them in gaseous water, it’s surprising, is not it? Gaseous water is known for its ability to keep fruit pieces fresh, especially for bananas.

  • Cut the bananas into circles
  • Bake the banana pieces with gaseous water
  • Leave the banana inside the liquid for five minutes
  • That’s it, your fruit is now protected from oxidation.

The good thing about it is that the gaseous water does not affect the taste of bananas like lemonade, for example, which makes this solution very effective and practical.

Previous solutions are effective for other types of fruits such as pears, peaches and others.

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