How to fix cracked glass with garlic ?

Most people agree that garlic tastes delicious and gives flavor to any food or dish. In addition to this, it is very useful for health. But do you know that the benefits of garlic go beyond using it in the kitchen?

When garlic is peeled, there is a very transparent adhesive layer that stays on our fingers or on the knife. This is because garlic is rich in sugar. This strong concentration of sugar creates a very natural adhesive especially at home. Here’s this trick using garlic:

It is possible to repair glass window cracked by garlic! Take the garlic clove and cut it half.

Gently rub the chopped portion over the cracks and wipe the excess of garlic juice with a tissue.

You will notice that all the cracks will be filled with natural garlic paste, so preventing the glass from being broken or cracking more.

This trick is very successful with cracked car glass.

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