How to get rid of bad odors in airplane bathroom

The bathroom is an important place in any aircraft, as this limited and narrow space provides comfort for hundreds of passengers, especially on long distance flights.

But the bathroom may also be a source of unpleasant odors because of some travelers who ate high-fat and spicy foods, but it’s a problem travelers do not have in mind at all, thanks to a very smart trick to get rid of bad smell used for years, according to the US magazine Flight and Leisure.

If there are any unpleasant smells in the bathroom, the flight attendants rush to prepare a strong pot of coffee as they clean the toilet, because it smells foul odors.

The smell of coffee is superior to all other smells, thanks to its pills. The proof of the success of this trick is that many of them put old coffee bags next to the toilet bath.

So if you enter the toilet of the plane and smell the coffee in the place, know that there is a foul smell left by the traveler who preceded you.

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