How to protect your entire privacy online

“Only cautious people are safe,” said Andy Grove in his book of the same name. Andy Grove is a Hungarian-born engineer who led a computer revolution as CEO of Intel.

When one of the most influential figures in the world invites us to doubt and suspicion, we must listen carefully. Not only Grove called for caution, but the director of the FBI, who paid $ 1 million to hackers to unravel the San Bernardino attack code, encouraged everyone to cover their webcams.

If you are a law abiding citizen, why not worry?

Well, law-abiding people are also worried about having to secure their electronic devices, special files, and contacts with their parents.

If you give me six lines written in the hands of the most honorable men, I can find something in these lines that will be the reason for his execution ». Cardinal Richelieu, 1641

In this article, Quincy Larsson, a software and phone specialist, gives several tips to protect your data and privacy.

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