How to protect yourself from mobile phone radiation damage

The company “Statesta” developed a list of the radiation rate issued by smartphones, and the list topped three phones from the company “ximom” in terms of the highest level of radiation release.

Many people have passed through social media the risk of such radiation to the health of the human body. Through this article, you will learn how dangerous these radiation are and how to protect them.

For many years, scientists have been trying to answer these questions, but there is still no scientific study to answer convincingly and put an end to this issue.

It is now known that mobile phones emit electromagnetic waves in the radio frequency band, which are classified as ionizing radiation (high-energy radiation, which is to ionization the center in which they pass because of the beam’s collision with the middle atoms, which leads to the ejection of some electrons of atoms and the ions are in Center).

These waves are much weaker than other ionizing radiation, such as x-rays, UV rays and gamma rays, which can penetrate the tissues of the body and cause damage to the cells by altering the DNA structure. However, the full effect of this type of radiation on the human body has not yet been studied.

It is also known that ionizing radiation from mobile phones does not have enough energy to damage the DNA structure directly at the cellular level.

However, according to the information published by the American Cancer Society (ACS) website, mobile phones may increase the risk of developing brain tumors and other tumors in the head and neck.

Where the radio waves, in case of high density, heat the tissues of the body, and on this principle the microwave works.

Despite the fact that the energy emitted from mobile phones is very weak, and it is not enough to raise the temperature of the human body, researchers from the American Cancer Society have explained that they do not pose a threat to human health, but they are advised to use as little as possible for smartphones.

Earlier, the specialized technical site “digital Treends” published a list of the most mobile phones at the radiation level, and the lowest-level telephones, conducted in cooperation with the German Federal office.

Tips for protecting against radiation from smartphones
It is worth mentioning that the strongest rays released by mobile phones reside in the transmitter antenna, which is inside the phone structure. The waves lose power and weaken when you stray from the phone.

While using a smartphone, most users place near the ear, but the more the antenna approaches the head, the higher the expected effect of the released radiation.

According to scientists, the tissues closest to the phone absorb more energy than those found in more distant places, and there are ways to help reduce harmful effects:

Reduce as much as possible when using your smartphone.

Use speakers to keep your phone away from your head.

Sit away from the phone and stay as far away from places where the coverage is bad, because the phone needs more power to get the signal.

Choose phones with low-release rate, you can recognize them across the previous list.

To check the radiation level of your phone, look at the accompanying instructions, or on the manufacturer’s website, where you will find all the information.

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