How to record calls on iphone and Android phones?

Some people want to record important phone calls for different purposes, but iphone and Android devices do not have the advantage of doing so easily.

However, it is possible to record a phone call on the smart device, and here are the best examples of how to do this:

-Record a phone call using “Google Voice “

The “Google Voice ” app allows you to make phone calls via Wi-Fi. It can be used to record incoming calls, but not outgoing calls.

To use this feature, go to the Settings menu in the application, select “calls ” and then turn on the “Incoming call Settings “.

Then, you can press the number 4 on the keyboard while you make a phone call, and the app will start recording automatically. But the caller will hear a voice telling him that recording the call is underway, once the feature is activated.

Unfortunately, the application of “Google Voice” is not available in all countries.

-Record a phone call using registration applications on iphone or Android

There are a lot of registry applications available, but some are very expensive, and other free applications are unsafe.

The “Call Recorder lite” application can be downloaded on iphone devices, which allows recording incoming and outgoing calls.

To listen to long calls, you must pay a specific amount, with no limit to how long the recording is.

The application “Call reordr” can be downloaded on Android devices to record calls, and allow backup to the cloud system or classification.

-How to simply record a phone call

The simplest way to record a phone call is to make the call on the loudspeaker, and record it using a sound recorder or a specific application that is available on another device, such as the voice memo application on all devices “Ios”.

However, the recording will not be high quality with background noise, so it is advisable to follow previous tips to record calls clearly and with high accuracy.

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