Huawei phones start showing ads on the lock screen

Yesterday, Huawei phone users started seeing some of the ads appearing on the lock screen, and these ads were surprising to many of them because they never happened, as the background images showed different areas, with the names of sites mostly centred around flights and travel.

It seems that ads are a new way of Huawei to achieve income, but at the same time give the option to the user to stop or run, since if it appears to any user and wanted to stop the appearance of advertisements on the lock screen he will have to go to the settings and then the main screen and background and then magazine Screen and turn off the playback option.

Huawei are now posting advertisements in the lock screen??!

Simply, the ads are in one of the features of the home screen that used to change the background image every time the user opens the phone, and if anyone wants to enjoy it, they will be forced to advertise, otherwise they should stop it.

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