Huawei requests Hongmeng OS name registration as a trademark

In a move that seems to be increasingly reinforcing the alternative plan, the Chinese giant Huawei has asked the Peruvian authorities to register their operating system name Hongmeng OS as their own brand.

Indecopi, which is responsible for the protection of competition and antitrust in Peru, said that Huawei applied for the trademark registration of “Hongmeng OS” on May 27, a few days after the United States placed the company on the list of entities that must request approval from the U.S. authorities before dealing with it And provide products and services to them.

The Peruvian authorities asked Huawei for more information and details before the trademark was officially registered in their favour, and gave it up to nine months to provide the required. In Peru, 5.5 million users of Huawei’s 32 million people have a total population.

This precautionary step does not necessarily mean that Huawei intends to launch its operating system as an alternative to Android, but it is a step within the alternative backup plan, and Huawei may have also advanced in other countries to register the trademark mentioned in its name.

In a previous interview with the executive director of the consumer sector in Huawei Richard Yu, he confirmed that the company has a backup operating system you may have to use if it is prevented from using the operating system Android.

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