Hyundai Cradle : Hyundai unveils elevate project for its able-to-walk car

As is customary at CES consumer electronics, each year we have new and exotic ideas for companies, whether with products that they actually want to launch or others that draw plans and showcase them as future products.

Hyundai had a share in this aspect where it offered a futuristic model of an electric car that goes beyond the traditional way of movement by tires to be able to walk by providing four movement arms on its four axes, and each arm ends with a hinge cupboard allows to move the car in a similar way Human movement depending on the knee and ankle joint.

Hyundai has launched its future plan this project elevate or the elevate project for vehicles where the project appears to be a merger between the car and the robot in a way that serves the objectives of the company which said that it designed this car to allow access to places that the car does not reach the current concept and capabilities of the areas Characterized by rugged terrain such as forests, mountains or rocky roads to be used for natural disasters such as earthquakes, reinforcement of rescue teams or even use as an ambulance.

To take a closer look at the next car and how it works you can watch the video:

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