IBM Acquires Red Hat for $ 33.4 Billion

Within a huge deal in the world of technology, IBM has announced its acquisition of Red Hat, which specializes in the development of open source systems, which are dependent on cloud services, within a deal worth $33.4 billion.

Red Hat is one of the leading open source systems and business and corporate cloud services, and the company describes itself as the leading open source systems provider and business services, relying on cloud services and Linux servers.

The figures confirm the emergence of Red Hat in this area, where the first company in the field exceeds the revenue of $1 billion, which means the value of IBM’s choice for this company to be included in the Hybrid Cloud Services section “Hybrid Cloud”.

IBM is entering the big cloud market to compete with Amazon and MySQL, in addition to Microsoft, which recently signed a partnership with Adobe and SAP to develop the business cloud domain. Through the new acquisitions, it seeks to provide its services to companies to help them carry out their business through cloud services.

It is worth mentioning that this is the biggest deal of the American technology giant, and it is the largest to acquire a company that offers open source systems.

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