Identification of the famous “world record Egg” account holder

The identity of the famous account holder “world record Egg”, which broke the impressive record via the site “Instagram “, was revealed and became the most famous at all.

The image of the egg broke the world record previously achieved by the image of Elie Jenner, which reached 18.7 million admiration, and the image of the egg reached more than 52 million admiration.

“The New York Times” revealed that Chris Godfrey, who is behind the account “World_record_egg”, is an employee of the London-based advertising agency, “The & Partnership”, who is 29 years old.

Godfrey said: “The popularity of the egg came spontaneously and the allegations about the payment of money to influential users across social media sites to spread the image on the widest, incorrect.”

It seems that this global record of the program was used for charitable works, in cooperation with the “Hulu”, an American company equipped with the service of broadcasting television programs and movies over the internet, which showed the egg in an advertisement for the American Football League “Super Bowl “, in order to promote awareness of mental health, no Especially when it comes to social media.

The operators explained that everyone fell in love with the egg, and there were plenty of financial offerings and amazing opportunities that flowed on them.

The Whites ‘ account officials stressed that they were not interested in money at the expense of promoting positive messages.

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