Infertile Japanese woman Challenge the society through a successful birth

Dr. Kazuhiro Kawamura holds the new porn baby boy

A sterile Japanese woman was able to give birth to a child for the first time, after she received a fertilized egg from another woman, according to the Japanese non-profit organization OD-NET.

It is reported that the woman gave birth in January this year, and the child is in good health and naturally growing.

The Japanese enterprise “OD-NET” began research in this area four years ago, but moved with great difficulty because of the ethical issues associated with the experiments. According to the organization, finding the couple, who agreed to use a fertilized egg, took a long time.

“We were happy to have these women’s dream to have they own children come true,” said Sachiko Kishimoto, president of OD-NET. At the same time, she expressed concern at the lack of any appropriate legal framework in Japan, which could leave children born in this way without social protection.

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