Iphone may be able to send audio via Bluetooth5 to double speakers

Today, many smartphones are able to broadcast music via Bluetooth to two separate speakers from each other, creating a better group listening experience, especially at concerts, and Yvonne may be catching up soon with new devices that will be released this year in September.

In fact such a simple but very important feature, you and your friend can listen to the same song from your phone via a separate and wireless speakers with Bluetooth technology, Samsung has offered this feature since S8 two years ago.

We do not know precisely which iphone will support this feature this year as Apple is expected to launch three iphones.

Samsung has been able to apply this feature after Bluetooth 5.0 is supported.

Because iphone does not have a traditional speaker port, wireless listening to music has become an essential part of iphone users ‘ experience, thus broadcasting via Bluetooth to two separate speakers that will match Apple’s orientation to enhance the idea of wireless speakers.

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