Is it safe to give birth to children on Mars?

Children born on Mars can face a myriad of problems, including huge amounts of radiation and psychological problems.

As billionaire Elon Musk and others begin to work on devices that could soon establish the Mars colony, researchers began studying the effects of reproduction on the Red Planet. The researchers say children will face a wide range of problems, and basic reproductive processes may not work simply in the Martian atmosphere, and abortions can be more common.

“Human reproductive processes in the space environment may fail,” concluded the research team, led by Konrad Susik, the world of knowledge at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzezow, in the journal Futures. Radiation is one of the major problems facing new births, because Mars’s atmosphere is very weak.

Mars is exposed to radiation amounts 6 times that of the Earth each year, and this could help trigger rapid changes. The researchers say this may cause problems in fetal growth, especially since early travelers will also be exposed to large amounts of cosmic radiation during their journey to Mars.

Radiation is harmful to adults, especially the reproductive cells and the development of embryos, and is already a serious health hazard for astronauts. It is likely that there will be another problem related to the different gravity on the Red Planet, which is much less than Earth.

NASA studies have already found that long periods of time in orbit can cause bone loss, as well as fluid levels in the eyes and spines of astronauts, which can lead to loss of sight. However, the research team concludes that all these obstacles are likely to be overcome

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