Israel: We have special ways to deal with the “S 300”

A senior Israeli source said that Israel would not try to prevent the delivery of S-300 missile defense systems to Syria, but they had its own ways of dealing with such systems.

According to the website “i24News”, an Israeli source said that if the Russian defense system “S-300” delivered to Syria, Israel can deal with it, as it has its own ways to deal with such a defense system.

The S-300 advanced air defense systems, compared to the Syrian army’s older generation of these missiles, is the S-200.

The S-300 is capable of intercepting ballistic missiles with a speed of up to 4,500 meters per second.
According to the site, each battalion includes a long-range radar to detect remote targets, a data analysis vehicle, six vehicles operating as missile launchers, each with six rockets and short-range radars tracking targets and directing missiles Towards them.

The S-300 can handle 24 or 16 Ballistic missiles up to 250 kilometers at a time.

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