It’s only one millimeter long. get to Tardigrade know the most powerful creature on earth!

It may be one of the smallest organisms ever present, with a length of 1 millimeter, but from a purely scientific perspective, the strongest and most skin, the microscopic organism, the water bear, known as the “Tardigrade”.

These very microorganisms were discovered by a German expert in zoology called “Joan August” in 1773, which was found in scattered places with very different conditions, impossible to coexist with, and found in Mudvolcanoes, high mountains, and deep sea.

Experiments not borne by any creature
Based on what was found to be very peculiar about this organism, several samples were placed in a scientific experiment to ascertain the extent of hardness to harsh conditions.

It was sent through the Photon m 3 vehicle into outer space, so that the majority of the samples of this organism could coexist with a complete absence of oxygen, and with lethal radiation as gamma radiation as well as other radiation, with no recollection.

Surprisingly, the Tardigrade was not only able to survive in these harsh conditions, but also retained his ability to reproduce once he returned from his space flight to Earth, not affected by temperatures up to 200 degrees below zero, or by air pressure of more than 1,000 times the pressure In the Earth’s atmosphere, it is clear how powerful this organism is in spite of its very small size.

The water bear was named ” Tardigrade” relative to its very slow movement, by an Italian scientist called Lazaro Spalhumanist.

The largest size that this object can reach is one-and-a-half millimeters, while the size of the small Tardigrade is about 0.1 millimeters.

Strangely, this microscopic organism has a very sharp mouth through which it can pierce the plants and eliminate the invertebrates, which are constantly nourished.

While it does reproduce through the use of virgin breeding-which takes place without the need for sexual intercourse between two parties-this does not prevent the presence of male and female in this exact organism, which is hatching an egg in less than 14 days to leave its young people to the outside world.

Indeed, it is the smallest organism, but it is based on the various researches, the strongest and most tolerated as well.

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