Japan’s latest trends is marriage through DNA

The Japanese company “Nuzi ” specializing in the service of gender dating has developed a new measure to obtain the right partner, which is usually shown on age, external appearance or material income.

According to the British newspaper “Tagalog”, the Japanese company has launched a new service for singles who are looking for their soul mate, and has recorded hundreds of them hoping to find their perfect fit after DNA analysis.

The scientists in the Tokyo Labs decode the matching of the genetic complex “Hy”, which contains about 16,000 different genes associated with the issue of admiration and attraction to the partner, and the company matches the prospective spouses based on the similarity or variation of the gene compound to facilitate their dating .

According to the Japanese newspaper “Sura News ” the company held in May last May, the first ceremony held in honor of the launch of DNA matching service in the capital Tokyo, hoping that they will be able to match 26 men and women.

Of those present, four couples match the DNA compatibility rate of the four couples to more than 80%, including a 98% DNA compatibility between a 32-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man.

“We believe that 50% of the person’s attractiveness to another person is due to DNA, and the other 50% is due to the environment,” said Satoru Fujimura, director of public relations of the company.

According to scientists, DNA compatibility is based on a scientific theory on survival, which confirms that people with the most healthy DNA are attracted to each other, based on their desire to have a potential offspring safe from disease.

“The DNA matching service reflects the common perceptions of reconciling spouses, traditionally, people choose partners based on circumstances, such as age, appearance, annual income, but in DNA matching, we believe that people who conform to the” H “genes are the best partners Potential “.
The cost of joining the DNA test is 220 euros, plus 368 euros for DNA testing and a further monthly matching fee of 110 euros.

The company has 21 branches across Japan, which is one of the world’s least developed countries in terms of marriage and reproduction.

According to government figures published last week, about half of the Japanese singles who wanted to marry were unable to find a suitable partner.

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