Japan’s Ohashi Bridge the most dangerous bridge in the world?

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If you want to ride one of the most dangerous games you can see in the big cabins, you are in your own car. You have to Japan, where Ohashi Bridge is the most dangerous bridge in the world.

It is a very unusual bridge, with no curves or vertices, but it is nonetheless capable of terrifying any driver, no matter how skillful.

The bridge was built in 2004 and extends for a distance of about 1.7 km, connecting the cities of Matsui and Sakaimanato, but it is only 11.3 meters long. There are only two cars for cars, The slope, to look like this terrifying scene, and to be classified as the third most bridges rise between all bridges of the world.

Despite the horrifying appearance of this bridge, it is also very safe for passengers who board it on daily flights without any crises. The most important reason behind the construction of the bridge is in such a way that there is enough space for ships The huge traffic down it is perfectly safe, across Lake Nakoyomi.

The different angles of the image of the Ohashi bridge indicate that the angle of standing and photographing sometimes controls the bridge’s appearance in a horrifying way or shows it like the usual bridges seen on the streets.

But regardless of how dangerous the bridge is or not, Japan remains able to provide the most visible development in all aspects, including the architectural aspect, the guide is that bridge, Ishima Ohashi Bridge.

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