John Kerry accuses Trump of lying to Americans

Former US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday accused President Donald Trump of lying to the American people.

During his participation in the World Climate Action Summit in San Francisco, Kerry described the US withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement as “a big mistake” and one of the “most irresponsible acts” committed by a US president in history.

“We have a president who lies, without any information on the subject, and without any scientific fact, lying to the American people about an alleged burden on the United States, while there is no burden at all because no country has joined. Paris Agreement, to bear beyond its capabilities. ”

Kerry said Washington has made great efforts to persuade countries with significant climate impact, such as China, to join the 2015 Paris agreement to combat climate change.

He said that the American people are “much smarter than this president (Trump) … so 38 states (out of 50) went out on the scene and announced they would continue to abide by the Paris Agreement.”

“We all live in one ecosystem, but I think the president does not realize that.”

“The danger is not that we will not reach our destination at some point, but the danger that we may not reach it in time,” Kerry said.

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