Kweneng .. A lost city for 200 years ago discovered using lasers!

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The Lost City is 200 years old, recently discovered by a group of scientists and researchers through Kweneng using laser technology in the South African suburb of Johannesburg, this city was discovered in modern times only by the laser which facilitated the study of rubble in detail of The highest, and what the scholars thought was ancient that this area had a large stone, exploded and dispersed wrongly, and that these scattered rocks are huts belonging to a large real city, which was inhabited one day by 10,000 inhabitants.

Description of the Lost City of Kweneng

The discovered city is a holographic laser image.
The Lost City is located beneath a very dense vegetation, so the city cannot be seen and discovered without modern and sophisticated machines, and this city is thought to be called “Kweneng”, an ancient stone formation on the cabin system, but with 800 stone houses, located in the Sukir Bozerand National Park, on an area Up to 20 km.

The method of archaeological detection of the city
Archaeologists have used electronic laser technology, by sending billions of lasers to penetrate the thick vegetation, so that they can form a digital model of the city named “Kweneng” because the laser Rays monitor any body or bird, even the leaves of trees, the frequency of the Rays to The laser machine to recognize the body through the 3d property, this device was hung by a plane hovering the entire garden.

Reasons for losing the city
The scholars believe that the city has disappeared as a result of conflicts and civil wars, because the area in which the city was discovered passed in the 15th and 19th centuries by a series of great wars, which claimed many lives.

The city before its disclosure
This effect is important for scientists, representing a circle and an important episode of a series of major events in the past, and it will contribute to solving many of the mysteries that took place on this earth, and explaining some strange phenomena is incomprehensible, especially that the city returns to the pre-colonization of the state of South Africa and which is not It has no written record of this stage, so the State attaches great importance to the Lost city to reconsider the written history of this region, and to try to educate the younger generation as announced by the research team that discovered the lost city.

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