Lamp has been working nonstop for over 100 years

While the traditional lamp can work uninterrupted for about 1,000 hours or more, many have spoken of a lamp known as the “Centennial Bulb”, which has been in operation since 1901, and has not ceased to function so far, is this possible?

Many of the pioneers of social media sites, those scattered conversations about the presence of a lamp, named in the centennial, because of its ability to work without interruption, for more than 100 years, it is said that it was first run in 1901, and continued to work in a way that puzzled everyone for about 117 years, while you Now find a fire station in California, USA.

Some have pointed out that the secret of this wonderful work of this lamp is the presence of a metal coil inside, whose thickness exceeds about 8 times the thickness of the fascia available with other traditional lamps, so what is the authenticity of those words? Is there already a lamp that has not ceased to work for more than a century?

The truth of the lamp
Contrary to what some might expect, this stunning lamp, which has already been in operation since the beginning of the 20th century, and specifically on the 18th of June 1901, has not ceased to work for only a few hours during that time, making it enter the Guinness Book of Merit and maturity, and Especially since his rival lamp with that historical encyclopedia, he was unable to continue working more than one week.

The historic lamp was made by the inventor Adolf Chalet, who was known as a powerful competitor to the legendary scientist Thomas Edison, before the lamp later moved more than once, under the patronage of the United States police, until eventually settled, with a fire station of the American town of Levrieri In California, since 1976, until this time, where it has not ceased to work literally since then.

As for the ability of this lamp to work for more than a century without stopping, the specialists confirmed that it remains a mysterious mystery, which has not yet been discovered, which made some suggest that the magic lies in mastering the work observed in ancient times, and away from the other speculations that indicated the thickness of the metal fascia within it!

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