Laser hair removal | Benefits and harms and exaggerations

Despite the prevalence of laser hair removal, which many describe as magic in terms of its results and benefits, it is also free from the damage that must be taken care of, as well as the exaggerations that do not fully rise to the truth, so between the advantages and damages and exaggerations also, talking about the most prominent Laser hair removal.


Real benefits

The benefits of laser hair removal are varied, characterized by extreme precision, which enables them to remove coarse bristles or remove intractable skin without affecting the skin.

Also, these processes do not take very little time. In a matter of minutes, these sessions can end, without wasting time, before the results are expected to appear later.


Damage should be taken care of

As for all positive things, it has to have some drawbacks to be wary of. With regard to laser hair removal, it is known that it will carry some pain for those who will be exposed, a temporary pain that will not last long.

Skin redness, swelling, or mild sensitivity are common things that occur after exposure to laser sessions, but they do not last too long and begin to disappear over time.

The serious damage, which should alert the need to resort to experts known, big names, it begins with the color of the area that was exposed to laser sessions, becoming dark color, for example, and sometimes to burn, which always happens when people try it Not fully qualified.


Exaggerations and myths

As for the great exaggerations known about laser since the emergence of this famous technology, it appears with some believe that hair removal will take only a few days, a false belief, which ignores the fact that it sometimes extends to about 6 sessions in full, to complete it successfully, Means that the continuation of meetings for more than two months is very normal.

It is also impossible to begin changing features showing the desired areas of hair removal, several months before, not several days, as many imagine.

It is not safe to deal with these sessions, as if it were a regular massage or beauty session. Please note that exposure to strong sunlight, even before the completion of these operations for less than 4 months, will not yield fruit at all. In that case.

Laser sessions are always recommended in cold seasons, with low exposure to the sun.

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