Lebanese newspaper published with full white pages

Without preferring or citing reasons, the Lebanese daily An-Nahar surprised its readers on Thursday morning by issuing seven white papers, which in turn opened up many questions in the Lebanese and Arab press.

The publication of the Lebanese newspaper in its paper version in this format with the allocation of white areas in the most prominent sections of its website without clarification by the Editorial Department.

the Lebanese Forces Party said on its official website that the move may aim to convey a message about the difficulties faced by the paper-based press at the moment.
The newspaper, founded by Gebran Tueni in 1933, is headed by its board of directors and editor, Nayla Tueni, and considered the oldest in Lebanon.

An-Nahar newspaper did not comment on its website, nor on its paper pages any explain why it was blocked today. But Nayla Tueni announced on Twitter that she would hold a press conference this afternoon.

According to Al-Arabi, An-Nahar suffers from a financial crisis like other paper-based newspapers in Lebanon.

The newspaper expelled dozens of employees, and was delayed for months to pay the dues of workers.

The newspaper also reduced the number of pages from 12 to eight, after it was 24 pages previously

Other Lebanese newspapers face financial crises threatening their survival as swell, especially after the number of daily newspapers in Beirut has dropped to only 8.

update: Al-Nahar newspaper revealed in a live video on its official page, on Facebook, the reasons for issuing on blank today, white pages without content.

The video was titled “For these reasons, today’s day was issued in white … Nayla Tueni launches the cry.”

Nayla Tueni, the editor-in-chief of Al-Nahar newspaper, said that the newspaper’s slogan today is “a white day in the face of darkness”, calling it a national cry, not just a media cry.

During her speech, she called on the Lebanese people to write their pains on the pages of the White Paper: “Use the version to express your grief and heart in your heart for your country.”

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