LG V40 first smart-phone comes with 5 cameras

LG is one of the big companies that are getting ready to offer their flagship phone in the second half of the world, known as the LG V40, where today the first leaks about this phone.

LG plans to compete with a phone with five cameras, three in the back and two in front, to be the first flagship phone to come with 5 sensors for the camera once, according to the famous Android site.

The phone will also provide facial recognition technology with a special sensor from the front, which means that you will record your face 3D image to be a fast and secure technology for use in payments and so on, as is the case in the iPhone.

Finally, the phone will continue with the same G7 phone interface on the screen side with thin edges as well as extrusion and support for sound technologies such as Quad DAC and continued fingerprint sensor from the back.

The LG V40 comes with 5 cameras and facial recognition technology first appeared on the world of technology.

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